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Fueled by the passion for beautiful curios and all things mechanical, Time Curated is a vintage watch magazine based in Singapore that features news articles and stories on mechanical timepieces and other collectibles.

Apart from encouraging the appreciation for the fine art of watchmaking, Time Curated aims to serve as a reference for everyone from seasoned collectors to budding aficionados.

Aaron and Valerie are almost-architects by day and have experience in other creative industries such as web design and brand consulting. Time Curated is a passion project born out of a shared passion for vintage timepieces and the curiosity to dive deep into the minutiae.


Having developed a strong passion for all things horology ever since his very first Seiko SKX013, Aaron has been drawn slowly but surely by the allure of vintage timepieces. Frequently reading about aspects ranging from the skyrocketing auction prices of unique pieces to subtle details of obscure references, he enjoys the appreciation of timepieces beyond how it looks on the wrist.

Fast-forward to 2019 when Aaron and Valerie tied the knot, the occasion which they decided to commemorate with wedding watches, and of course they were not tempted by the shiny new watches on offer in boutiques – they were going vintage. Having sparked within them a renewed and common passion for vintage watch collecting, Aaron and Valerie started thinking about how they could contribute to the discourse on vintage horology.

Time Curated was thus established in late 2019, with the objective of sharing news articles and stories on vintage timepieces, as well as the collectors behind those watches.


Looking at that the limited accessibility and prohibitively high costs of various desirable vintage references, Aaron and Valerie decided to create the Time Curated Collection – a platform where readers can visualize and appreciate vintage watches that they may not have had the access to.

The Time Curated Collection hopes to create a growing online archive of vintage time-pieces with researched information that may serve as a reference for everyone from seasoned collectors to budding aficionados.

Through graphic and web design, vintage timepieces are brought to life, showing the current running time wherever the reader is. The virtual fitting functionality also allows readers to “try” the watches on virtually, with multiple options for wrist sizes and skin tones, bringing these watches even closer to one’s wrist.


Watch collecting is as much about the collector as it is about the collection. While it’s natural for any WIS to possess a burning passion to study all aspects of an interesting timepiece, oftentimes not enough emphasis is put on the actual person wearing the watch.

People Watching is a series where the Time Curated team chats with seasoned collectors as well as budding aficionados to learn more about them and their collections. Apart from the interview-styled Collectors Dialogue, People Watching will grow to include more casual street photography-styled snapshots.


The idea of the Time Curated Shop was conceived on a fine spring evening in Tokyo. After stumbling across various quirky and specialty vintage watch shops from Nakano to Minato City, Aaron and Valerie were surprised to come across high quality handcrafted watch accessories with relatively affordable price tags. Realizing that such options were not readily available outside of Japan, they decided to work with these businesses to share their products all over the world.


Time Curated is currently active on Instagram and Facebook, and can be found on most social media platforms via the handle @timecurated.


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